Men’s “bloopers” on the first date

The Internet provides a fairly wide range of acquaintances, which after a while usually end with the first date – unfortunately, for the most part, forever, because in virtual communication people may seem completely different […]

Diet for a slender waist and flat stomach

Any woman, regardless of age, always tries to look attractive. That’s why the representatives of the fair sex do not spare the forces and means to tidy up not only their appearance, but also the […]

Deaf children can hear

Deafness from birth ceased to be a verdict for a child. Early diagnosis, which has developed in pediatrics, enables patients with children to get rid of their infirmities and grow up fully full people. This […]

What can your child do?

Well, if using tables and tests, you have identified what motor skills and qualities should be developed in your child. From the exercises below, select the ones that your child needs, but not more than […]

How to choose pants according to the figure

Women have a special gift – they perfectly model the situation: “there is nothing to wear and nowhere to lay down” Every new purchase neatly folds into the closet, then to become an unexpected find […]

Exercises for the abdominal and thighs

A lot of griefs give some women excessive fullness in the abdomen, full or too thin thighs. A complex of special gymnastic exercises will help to combat these shortcomings. However, I want to warn that […]

Softening masks for all skin types

100 g of honey, 100 g of almond oil. Mix honey and almond oil. Apply on face for 20 min. Wash off the mask with warm water and allow the skin to dry. 1 teaspoon […]

Correct posture

… we read the familiar lines from childhood, and the beautiful lady with her head held high, straight shoulders, who with dignity, in full consciousness of her beauty, “bears herself” towards happiness, appears in her […]

Ashwarya Paradise on the secrets of beauty and makeup

The famous model and actress of Indian films is the beautiful Ashwarya Rai. This amazing woman attracts the looks of many men, and women are forced to admire their beauty and the ability to create […]