How to visit a Russian bath

As a rule, couple visits are performed several times: – the first approach, or warm-up. At first it is recommended to get used to the raised temperature. To do this, first lie down on the […]

Self-massage feet

Self-massage of the left buttock Self-massage of the feet begins with a massage buttocks. In the standing position, transfer the weight of the body to the right leg; the left is slightly bent at the […]

The beauty of your face is the key to success!

We all want to look beautiful and effective, and our face in particular! After a long and cold winter, our skin needs to be restored. Do you want your face to radiate a radiant and […]

How to wear a kerchief in winter

When thinking about a kerchief, many people think that this is just an unnecessary rag, but it’s not so… a handkerchief is one of the actual tendencies of the winter season. Given the huge range […]

Clear our aura

Many people are interested in the question: how to purify the aura and why it should be done? And then, that to us life constantly presents various tests, and not always good. It is the […]

How to deal with tactless people?

It is unlikely that anyone will have a desire to communicate with a tactless interlocutor, because it is not only unpleasant, but also embarrassing, although you seem to be not guilty. However, in life there […]

Colors that go to brunettes

Another of the heroines of Leo Tolstoy, Kitty, drew attention to the fact that the blue color is not to the brunette’s face – motivating it with the brown dress given to Dunyasha. Indeed, one […]

Is it possible to drive a car with heels

Among many men there is an opinion that it is dangerous for women to drive a car in shoes with heels. Is it so? It is worth starting with training in a driving school, where […]

Best medicines – optimism and positive thinking

Excellent news from scientists from the medical institute of mental health! Imagine, there is such an institution of mental health in the Netherlands (Def.). The study, conducted over several years, produced unique results. The official […]

Masks from facial wrinkles are the most effective

Every day, women around the world experience all kinds of emotions, which are then reflected on their faces. And the stronger and more often a certain emotion is repeated, the more likely it is to […]