Clear our aura

Clear our aura

Many people are interested in the question: how to purify the aura and why it should be done? And then, that to us life constantly presents various tests, and not always good. It is the negative that clogs our aura, making us defenseless before troubles, fears and depression.

At first, we do not attach much importance to this, thinking that the “black band” that is being pursued will soon end, but when we understand it, there is no end to it, then we panic and begin to seek help from psychics.

However, there are times when it is not possible to visit a specialist. But this is not a reason for despondency, because you can clean the aura yourself, the main thing is to want it. The easiest way is to go to nature, to a place where there is a lot of growing trees and green grass. You can lie on the grass or just grab the tree with your hands, close your eyes and imagine that the tree emits a purple or white light.

As soon as you mentally see the light, imagine that warm rays pierce your body, filling it with good energy, while superseding all the bad. That’s all, your aura is cleared. However, you should know that you have to follow your care and take good care of your energy field, as well as the physical one. For this we need every day:

1. Do breathing exercises. Thanks to them, our brain is saturated with oxygen.

2. Read the prayers.

3. To meditate. During meditation our brain starts to work more actively promoting better blood circulation.

Clear the aura can and with other simple means, for example, light twelve candles and arrange them in a circle. Then stand in a circle and begin to read the prayer, while presenting how with every word you say, all bad things leave your body leaving only good in you. Also, you can talk aloud about what’s bothering you, tell us about your fears. You will certainly feel relief, it means that your aura has cleared and your body is filled with pure energy. After that, thank the Higher Powers from the soul and leave the circle.

Clear our aura