Colors that go to brunettes

Colors that go to brunettes Another of the heroines of Leo Tolstoy, Kitty, drew attention to the fact that the blue color is not to the brunette’s face – motivating it with the brown dress given to Dunyasha.

Indeed, one way or another, every girl periodically reflected in her life about whether she was facing a particular color. It would seem that one shade seems to emphasize the general beauty, and the other – as if makes the appearance of a painful and unattractive. What is the secret of the correct selection of color combinations, and is there a relationship between the choice of color and the color of the hair?

Of course, this relationship is not only there, but it is necessary to trace it in order to find the ideal option for yourself. What kind of colors to face brunettes? The question, meanwhile, is ambiguous, because the owners of the dark color of hair are divided into two types: “warm” (those with hair of all shades of bitter chocolate, or are colored with red) and “cold” (who have just black hair or are cast in blue ).

For “warm” brunettes, the color scheme, emphasizing their merits, will contain orange, orange color, and will also highlight a passionate red brunette from the crowd. More relaxed, but the olive scale and dark violet colors will look just as good.

However, if you look at yourself a little thing of soft pink, pastel-beige flowers, it will be better if you still refuse this idea – such a gamma certainly will not suit you.

If you belong to the “cold” type of brunettes, then pay attention to the emerald green color – it will give your image depth and mystery. Moreover, this color is again in vogue. Also suitable is a blue, soft purple, the color of lavender and cornflowers. Beautiful and original will look bright pink, crimson.

Also, the classic black and white will face all the owners of ringlets curls.

Colors that go to brunettes