How to visit a Russian bath

As a rule, couple visits are performed several times:

– the first approach, or warm-up. At first it is recommended to get used to the raised temperature. To do this, first lie down on the lower shelf, raising your legs higher – this will ensure the flow of blood to the head. As you become accustomed, gradually move to the higher tiers. After a good warm-up, leave the steam room and rest for a few minutes. Cooling the body with a cold shower or snow produce only if you really enjoy it. Cooling should be short-lived and be performed on a well-heated body;

– the second approach can be combined with steam with a pre-prepared broom;

– the third call. Also applies a broom, but, as a rule, no more than 5 minutes. After that, the body is ground.

All movements in the steam room need to be done slowly, to leave – slowly, gradually descending to the lower shelves. When you reach the bottom, rest a few minutes. If after the first call you feel not very good, it is recommended to stop at this. The most acceptable number of visits is 3, not more than 10 minutes each with two interruptions between them with the same duration in time. Rest after the session should be at least 20 minutes.

As the body is actively dehydrated during the steam process, a sufficient number of non-alcoholic drinks or water should be drunk after the bath.

Russian bath perfectly calms the nervous system, so try to achieve maximum relaxation.

You can not go to the bath to a full stomach, wait 1-2 hours after eating.

The bath is contraindicated for sick people, as well as for those who are in a state of intoxication.

Do not forget to remove all jewelry and accessories before the session.

Before entering the steam room, it is necessary to rinse under a warm shower and wipe dry.

Closely monitor the level of steam in the steam room, if you feel unwell – immediately stop its sacrifice.

It is not recommended to wipe yourself in the steam room – during rest you quickly dry up on your own. Otherwise, the skin will be dry and may begin to peel off.

How to visit a Russian bath