How to wear a kerchief in winter

How to wear a kerchief in winter

When thinking about a kerchief, many people think that this is just an unnecessary rag, but it’s not so… a handkerchief is one of the actual tendencies of the winter season. Given the huge range of shawls and shawls that you can cover your head, it’s not at all difficult to create an unusual and attractive stylistic image. And also kerchiefs will be an ideal rescue for those who do not get hats or they freeze in them, as handkerchiefs sewn from warm materials are very warm and they can cover ears, neck and even cheeks.

A small handkerchief.

By winter handkerchiefs they are very difficult to include, because they are not warm enough and they are usually sewn from silk. However, they can be worn during the thaw period and for women driving in the car. Such scarves allow you to hide from the wind and remove the interfering bangs from your eyes.

You can tie a kerchief as a bandanna. To do this, it must be folded diagonally and tied under the hair. And if you turn such a scarf into a tourniquet, you can wrap a tail or a bun on your head or use it as a bandage. And you can even weave it into a braid.

Another way to tie a winter handkerchief is to fold it with a triangle and tie the ends in front of the head, for example under the chin or just above the forehead.

A large scarf.

Such a scarf can be tied in the form of a crown, that is, wrapped around the head and tied back with ends.

Sometimes in winter there is such a problem that the scarf from the strong wind starts to slide from the head. And how to fix it? The solution is – use pins. You can pinpoint the problem places with the usual pins, or you can use the brooch or the invisibility.

Thanks to the scarf, its pattern and color, you can create any image you like – ethno, hippie, boho or buy a scarf from famous designers – Chanel, Louis Vuitton.

Shawls can be worn with any kind of coat, as well as with a fur coat, sheepskin coats and a leather jacket. But with a down jacket, it is better not to wear a handkerchief, together they do not always look good.

How to wear a kerchief in winter